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Viktor "Isildur1" Blom faces an online qualifier in his next Superstar Showdown

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Posted on 24 February 2011 by "J".

Usually the opponent that Viktor "Isildur1″ Blom Takes on in
his SuperStar Showdown are world renowned players.

Next time it's going to be a litlle different though.

When Blom sits down to play this sunday, he'll be facing online qualifier "DodgyFish72″ who won a $11 buy-in tournament for the right to face Blom.

The two will play four tables of $5/$10 No Limit Hold'em instead of the normal $50/$100 used for Blom's matches against the likes of Tony G, Daniel Cates and Isaac Haxton.

They'll play 2,500 hands and DodgyFish72, who is being spotted $15,000, will get to keep anything he's got left on the tables at the end.


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9 comments on "Viktor "Isildur1" Blom faces an online qualifier in his next Superstar Showdown"

 henessy24/02/2011 15:27:19 GMT
wow....such a great opportunety to play with the "high-life" of the poker tournementsplayers.....i wish the next time....if it will be a next time qualiffierfor a SuperStar Showdown....i wish u postet or smth...i meen if u find out to post a news about the platform where is gonna be the qualif and the date of the tuornament and so we can register and have a shot to be there at the showdown.... Big Smile...if we qualify.....
 Fakiry24/02/2011 15:32:10 GMT
Nice experience for DodgyFish72. I didnt knew there were already available tourneys with the prize of playing against Viktor Blom, but seems a great idea. He is going to be playing lower limits then he is used to but in the other side, he will be giving good amateurs perhaps the one time chance to play heads up with him. Of course we all should be with DodgyFish72 this time, i think!
 jovicakralj24/02/2011 15:38:59 GMT
Do someone wants to bet me that Dodgyfish72 will be a winner? Im sure in that Blink
 flexibleeric25/02/2011 00:10:25 GMT
Posted by jovicakralj:
Do someone wants to bet me that Dodgyfish72 will be a winner? Im sure in that Blink much man? Big Smile is this legal in the forum btw? Big Smile

honestly, would love to see isildur get slap around by an unknown Big Smile
 mazas25/02/2011 13:08:00 GMT
i think ilsidur easy take the win in not big number off hands becouse he was playing very agressive and that can destroy the chaser Sad
but anyway good luck for the chaser and hope he will show how hard oponent he was for the poker pro and master off hu Big Smile
 vandar25/02/2011 23:50:37 GMT
ilsidur easy take the win for sure Smile
 mgv120827/02/2011 16:48:08 GMT
The guy hes playing is down 1.6k or something like that lifetime, so im going to say that if blom tries he slaughters this guy
 SuperNoob27/02/2011 20:15:27 GMT
dont think isildur will be playin seriously at these "low" limits but still a very nice promotion by pokerstars who are tryin to gain evthin from isildur rage and good experience for the unknown player.
 crazyhorse9928/02/2011 20:57:47 GMT
Victor Blom won by a mere $10 blind but Dodgyfish72 walked away with the 15K Pokerstars fronted him for the showdown wtg Dodgyfish72

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